When you think about yourself, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Is it positive or negative? How do you view yourself in relation to the world around? Do you feel like you are valuable, or your opinion does not matter? Do you feel like a winner or a loser? Do you feel like you can overcome whatever may come your way, or like you are being overcome? These questions might sound cliché, but the answers to these questions will determine and identify how you go into your future.

We hear so much nowadays about self-identity. Regardless of what is said in society, there is one identity that matters the most- God’s. Did you know that God calls you His masterpiece? How incredible is that! You are God’s masterpiece- designed, created and perfected on purpose, for a purpose. Just like earthly masterpieces, you are priceless to God. You are worth everything to Him. He loves you unconditionally and paid the greatest price, His Son Jesus, to have a relationship with you. Now, please remember, He created this relationship solely for your benefit. He wants to save you for eternity, plus He wants you to live the abundant life of peace that Jesus died on the cross for you to enjoy.

So much of whether or not we enjoy the great life Jesus wants us to live is determined by whether or not we see ourselves the way He sees us. Too often, our choices are negatively influenced by our mistakes, our doubts and our insecurities. I remember when I first started preaching, I was so overwhelmed by self-doubt and my lack of confidence. I almost talked myself out of my dream before ever starting it. Please don’t be like me. Sometimes, you simply must push through your doubts and walk into the amazing realities God has planned for you in the future.

I recently visited the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. As I stood admiring some of the truly great works of art in the gallery, I heard phrases such as “Isn’t that beautiful?”, “How awesome is that!”, “That is incredible”, “What a masterpiece!”. When God sees you, He sees a masterpiece. You are awesome. You can live an amazing life. You can overcome your insecurities and chase your dreams knowing that God is with you to help you achieve infinitely beyond anything you could ever ask, dream or desire. I don’t know how you have viewed yourself to this point, but I encourage you to start seeing yourself the way God sees you, as the wonderful, amazing, masterpiece He created you to be!

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